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By TLCCliniquePosted On 08-Apr-2017

Unlike the earlier times, awareness of beauty and aesthetics is growing on common man. No one wants to be called plump these days! Body fitness and an enhanced body figure are becoming hot picks among people today. This is where fat reduction techniques gain importance. What was earlier considered the field of celebrities is not just there’s any more.

Fat reduction techniques is growing in popularity with a growth in obesity these days. They are used in cases where selective fat removal is needed. Fat reduction methods are used in cases where diet and exercise fail to bring about the desired result as well.

Types of Fat Reduction Techniques

Though there are several fat reduction techniques and procedures available today, liposuction and cool sculpting are the ones that are most popular among people. They are discussed in detail below.


One of the most popular and successful methods of fat reduction, liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery where fat cells in excess are removed to reshape and improve the body contours. This technique is highly useful in removing fat from selective body areas like stomach, waist, neck, face, chin, ankles, calves, thighs, hips and buttocks.

The procedure requires very less recovery time and is performed under local anaesthesia. The changes are visible soon after the treatment. However, liposuction cannot be considered as a treatment for obesity. A regular and healthy diet and exercise is necessary to maintain the lost fat.

Cool Sculpting

A non-surgical fat reduction method, cool sculpting, is also called Cryolipolysis. Here fat is reduced with the help of cold energy. To be more specific, controlled cooling at a temperature slightly above the freezing point is applied to the area of excess fat. This helps in killing the fat tissues without affecting the skin on top. The procedure can take up to an hour based on the intensity of fat deposition.

The method is relatively simple and cost effective with negligible risk. Results can be visible within 48 hours of the completion of process. This procedure needs a follow up of healthy diet and exercise to maintain the result.

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