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Abdominoplasty at TLC Clinique – restoring youth with the perfect curves

By TLCCliniquePosted On 26-Sep-2017

Ever sucked in breath and wished you could stay alive just likethat to look good in your favourite dress? Tummy fat is one of the most common villains we all encounter, blocking our way to the perfectfigure. Most of us can relate to the extents we go to hide that unwanted bump! So why not try something more permanent??

We could always go for a strict diet and exercise regimen but then their effectiveness in reducing site specific fat is often questionable. Abdominoplasty more popularly known as Tummy Tuck gains importance in thiscontext. The procedure not just helps in removing the unwanted fat in the belly region, it also helps in tightening the saggy skin due to fat loss. Abdominoplasty helps in attaining the perfect, flat stomach to restore the beauty of our figure. Cosmetic surgery procedures are often thought as inaccessible or costly by a majority of our common people. However, with the advent of TLC Clinic at Kerala , cosmetic surgeries and other procedures have now become more accessible, popular and affordable.

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Tummy Tuck Treatment at TLC Clinc

TLC Clinic offers the Best Abdominoplasty in Kerala with advanced infrastructure facilities and an experienced faculty of skilled professionals. Here’s what a tummy tuck treatment at TLC Clinic can do for you.

  • Removes excessive fat tissues that have accumulated following a surgery, pregnancy or due to aging
  • Helps perfect protruding or sagging belly
  • Tighten loose or flappy skin in the abdominal area that has developed as a result of weight fluctuations
  • Manages stretch marks due to weight fluctuation or pregnancy
  • Abdominoplasty is done under local anaesthesia. Although it helps remove fat, the surgery does not aide in weight loss. The surgery is only done after conducting a proper counselling to make the patient aware of the nuances of the procedure.

    The procedure helps in attaining a perfectly toned figure and helps you look good in yr favourite clothes. It also helps in restoring the youthful appearance. However the procedure is not recommendedfor those preferring a pregnancy in the future.

    TLC Clinique offers the Best Tummy Tuck In Kerala , that too at affordable costs.

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